this photo was taken on August 19, 2010 during a demolition in Luzon Avenue Quezon City.

for couple weeks I been documenting housing conditions in Manila. when I received an information about this demolition I rushed to the site to cover it. these were the first few frames I shot.

A tin roof fell during the demolition, it supposed to be going to hit the child but her mother manage to hold her and cover her. the girl was so terrified. large debris were flying above our heads from all the directions as the informal settlers defending their homes and the demolition personnels counters.

the demolition personnels failed to demolish the community but the settlers still worries on their uncertainty.

informal settlers in San Roque, Pagasa, Quezon City, received a 3-day demolition notice. Geno, showing the the notice he received, refused to leave.

San Roque is part of the government project with the Ayala Group of Company that will allow high-end commercial establishment rise on site, this will be the new Quezon City's Central Business District.

Geno said "We have to fight for our homes, we don't have anywhere to go. they want us to leave this place and resettled in the outskirts. we cant afford that, there is no job there for us, theres no decent electricity and water supply there".

Geno works as security guard in a commercial mall owned by Ayala in Makati.

Once again, I did it in color. I don't have chemicals for C41 developing so I brought my films at FotoFabrik, Jay the owner did my films.

A friend of mine lent me his Mamiya 7 with 65mm lens, he don't use it that much so he decided to let me use it for a while.

I'm planning to use it on a project but I haven't decided if I will do it in color or black and white. I don't have any stock of 120/220 films and I have to find where I can get one.

I shoot black and white on all of my projects but color lures me every time I see it.


ang daming pinapanganak araw araw. ang dami dami! mas maraming tao, mas marami din and tae, ang basura. mas lalaki ang pinasa sa kalikasan. calling all green activist!!!!! mas mainam yata kung ang isyu na pang populasyon ang pag tuunan natin para mabawasan ang suliranin natin.